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A conscientious doctor, passionate and talented surgeon, Dr Mohamed Guessous graduated in 1996 from the prestigious French College of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Paris ...
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Interventions et spécialités




GUESS Clinic, is the cosmetic surgery establishment of Doctor Mohamed Guessous, specializing in beauty, well-being and slimming.
In addition to cosmetic surgery, Guess Clinic brings together under one roof a department of aesthetic medicine, a laser center and an institute of gynecological aesthetic medicine.
Always anxious to offer the best to his patients, Doctor Mohamed Guessous appealed ...

Traitements Populaires

La rhinoplastie ou la chirurgie esthétique du nez a pour principe de corriger


The principle of rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery of the nose is to correct and modify the relief of the nasal pyramid and therefore improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose in order to harmonize it with the facial features.
Le lipofilling des fesses est l’intervention dernière génération que préconise le Docteur Mohamed Guessous

lipofilling fesses

Buttock lipofilling is the latest generation intervention recommended by Doctor Mohamed Guessous to increase the volume of the buttocks by injecting fat from the patient herself.
L’abdominoplastie ou plastie abdominale est l’intervention de chirurgie esthétique qui a pour but de retrouver un ventre plat tout en retrouvant une tonicité cutanée et musculaire.


The abdominoplasty or abdominal plasty is the intervention of cosmetic surgery which aims to find a flat stomach while regaining skin and muscle tone.
La Blépharoplastie ou chirurgie des paupières est l’intervention de chirurgie esthétique qui vise à rajeunir le regard


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is cosmetic surgery that aims to rejuvenate the look.
Lifting classique du visage et du cou, mini-lift rafraîchissement visage et cou sont 3 concepts de rajeunissement et d’embellissement du visage.

mini-lift - Lifting

Classic face and neck lift, mini-lift, face and neck refreshment are 3 concepts of facial rejuvenation and beautification.
Avec le temps ou parfois à cause d’un développement incomplet de l’os malaire, le visage parait plus vieux et les bajoues trop visibles.


Over time or sometimes due to incomplete development of the malar bone, the face appears older and the jowls are too visible.
L’abdominoplastie ou plastie abdominale est l’intervention de chirurgie esthétique qui a pour but de retrouver un ventre plat tout en retrouvant une tonicité cutanée et musculaire.

comblement de rides

Hyaluronic acid is a filler used against sagging skin of tissues associated with aging.
La réduction mammaire est l’intervention qui permet de corriger l’hypertrophie mammaire à savoir un volume de seins trop important et non proportionné à la morphologie de la personne.

réduction mammaire

Breast reduction is the procedure that corrects breast enlargement, namely a breast volume that is too large and out of proportion to the person's morphology.

Tourisme Medical

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GUESS Clinic aims to be a clinic whose concept is in no way akin to what is called "mass medical tourism". The priority is to respond to a medical request while respecting the rules of confidentiality, ethics and secrets imposed by the regulations governing the medical profession.
After a first step of collecting information for the medical file. Doctor Mohamed Guessous takes the time to study each request with the photos received in order to make a precise diagnosis directly and confidentially between the doctor and his patients by email or phone ...
tourisme medical clinique guess casablanca Maroc
tourisme medical clinique guess casablanca Maroc

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